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Playing VR with FluxPose

Join the tracking revolution

FluxPose is a game-changing EMF-inertial fusion tracking system.

We offer occlusion-free, low-latency, and precision tracking at a fraction of current costs.

From outdoor virtual production, VR full-body tracking to astronaut training, FluxPose has unmatched capability.

Technology showcase

Our EMF-Inertial fusion technology offers unprecented occlusion free tracking even when completely enclosed

Occlusion free tracking

Occlusion-free tracking

Thanks to our EMF-Inertial fusion technology, unlike traditional camera-based systems, FluxPose is resistant to occlusion, ensuring consistent and reliable tracking

Wireless tracking

Ultra-low latency and scalable

FluxPose achieves a <0.75ms real latency (Device to PC) with no limitation on the amount of tracked devices.

Compact tracker

Compact integration and low cost

FluxPose can be seamlessly integrated into small devices or props, like VR controllers, effortlessly.

All of this, while being significantly cheaper than other tracking methods.

Playing virtual reality with magnetic tracking

Use cases

Virtual reality with magnetic tracking

Virtual Reality

FluxPose revolutionizes location-based VR experiences with unparalleled scalability and the capability to integrate into props, enabling a level of interaction with the environment never seen before. 

In consumer VR tracking, FluxPose represents a low-cost high-capability solution that can be conveniently packed into miniaturized robust systems thanks to our occlusion-free capabilities. Compared with currently used systems that rely on cameras with a limited FOV, FluxPose can track even in the most complicated situations when a player is for example drawing an arrow in a bow, enabling experiences like no other. 

Virtual production with magnetic tracking

Virtual Production

FluxPose provides drift-free and occlusion-resistant tracking, even outdoors or in complex environments, capturing motions with impeccable accuracy.

It eliminates the limitations posed by traditional systems that require fixed and often cumbersome setups. Thanks to its portability and precision, and seamless integration into various props, allows, virtual production teams to achieve Hollywood-level effects at a fraction of the cost.

Robotics with magnetic tracking

Robotics and drones

FluxPose enhances Robotics and drones with its advanced EMF-inertial fusion tracking, ensuring precise, drift-free navigation even in complex environments. Its low-latency, wireless design allows seamless integration, elevating real-time responsiveness and overall machine functionality in automation and intelligent systems.

About us

Alejandro Cabrerizo

Alejandro Cabrerizo

Guillermo Presa

Guillermo Presa

Alejandro Cabrerizo

FluxPose Demonstrators

Inmersed in a virtual dimension with magnetic tracking

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