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Liberate your imagination from technological constraints with FluxPose: Effortless integration for all your tracking needs.

Playing virtual reality with magnetic tracking

Virtual Reality

Say goodbye to immersion-breaking tracking losses.  Our occlusion-free capabilities enable realism and immersion like never before. Together with the high responsiveness of fusion tracking, FluxPose eliminates any friction with the virtual world.

Virtual production with magnetic tracking
Assembler robot swarm with magnetic tracking

Virtual Production

Track anything without visible markers independently on whether they are seen by the camera or not. Finally an inexpensive tracking system for light casting objects to be tracked outside camera FOV

Robotics and drones

Easy to integrate, cheap and scalable. The qualities required for positioning of objects in robotics and intelligent manufacturing. FluxPose-powered robots can interact even inside boxes. With a 360-degree tracking volume and low latency make FluxPose is perfect for drone interactions out in the real world

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